About Us

Our Experience


Burt Hamner got his MBA and MA / Environmental Studies at the University of Washington and was hired in 1991 by the Washington Dept of Ecology to help lead the new Pollution Prevention team in Seattle area.  He led the State's development of the first Environmental Accounting and Investment guidelines.   He was soon hired by the US Agency for International Development and spent 10 years as a lead cleantech consultant in Asia and South America.   He was a professor at leading business schools in Philippines and Peru and has published professional and industry articles on practical environmental management for business.

As an entrepreneur, Burt has founded 3 companies and is currently launching new renewable energy products for consumers.   He has won over a dozen regional and national awards for his inventions and sustainable business models, and for being Best Presenter in startup contests.

Our Approach


You are going to do it your way, of course.   We don't prescribe: we listen, evaluate and present options suited to your goals and context.

For an organization to embrace sustainability as a philosophy and toolkit, the employees at all levels have to take on the work.  The right solutions will take time to discover and implement.   We show you how to build an effective team with the right tools, so they take real ownership of the process and results.   We help with change management and training in tools, we don't tell you what you should do.

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, team building, and instruction in tools and strategies.   We can provide on-going coaching on site or by remote to help the team succeed. That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?


Sustainability is a way of thinking, and a set of tools and strategies developed by leading companies around the world.   It is NOT standard business performance improvement.   

We have worked with managers from 20+ countries and have learned how to help them help their teams, in most any company culture.  We have helped write global environmental management standards and guides, and published about them in leading journals and books.   

The solutions for sustainable business are often highly technical.   Traditional management consultants don't understand environmental issues and dynamics or the vast network of organizations that has built a resource base of sustainability tools and technical studies for over 30 years.   Talk to us and learn the difference.