The first piece of the Cleantech Puzzle is just understanding the concepts.  Here are several self-training tools that can help you, from simple to advanced.

The Concise Self-Assessment Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Commerce is a simple tool developed by a business group.  Its questions highlight the main areas of concern for running a sustainable business.  Three Steps to Eco-Efficiency is a similar simple useful assessment tool.

The United Nations Industrial Development Programme offers an excellent Cleaner Production Toolkit, a comprehensive training program you can download free.  It shows how any business can become a “cleantech” business.

The US EPA Lean Manufacturing and Environment program offers a variety of free training tools showing how to use lean manufacturing methods to achieve cleantech results.

A New Vision: An Organizational Guide to Pollution Prevention.  (US EPA, 124 pages).  This overview that describes three different approaches to cleaner production and pollution prevention: the “traditional” planning approach, Environmental Management Systems, and total quality management.  It also describes common themes and elements for all three approaches. Read this first to understand the variety of approaches to embracing “cleantech”.

Chronos is an e-learning tutorial on sustainable development for business that was developed by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.  The focus is regular employees and the business case for cleantech and sustainability.

Do you know of any particularly good training tools to help people understand how “cleantech” begins with internal operations and then expands to product design?  Suggest them below.

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