For Entrepreneurs:
As the founder and CEO of Hydrovolts I led the company to win numerous business plan and presentation contests and have become an expert in the art of presentations and business plans.  Let me help you develop and promote your business.

For Corporations:
Large corporations are often striving to bring cleantech and sustainability concepts into their operations, and to promote sustainable innovation among their staff.  I have trained over 5000 industry managers, usually at the production and management accounting level, how to use Total Quality Management and Performance Excellence as the basis for sustainable business practices and creating teams that generate real innovation that reduces costs and risks and opens new lines of business.

For Cleantech Program Managers:
I began working in “cleantech” back in 1991 when it was called “cleaner production” or “pollution prevention.”  I have 20 years of experience developing new cleantech tools for businesses and for cleantech program managers who want to help companies become more sustainable.  Let me show you my extensive projects list and help you make more companies into cleantech successes.

For Policy Developers:
As a consultant to the US Agency for International Development and the Asian Development Bank I helped them develop national policies and programs to promote cleantech and sustainable industry.  I have remained active in the global cleantech policy networks even while founding and running my own hydropower company.  Now let me show you how to effectively network for best practices in cleantech policy and promotion.

Extensive references and publications available upon request!

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