The cleantech world online is dominated by consultants and financiers promoting and analyzing investments in cleantech companies (however they define cleantech).  But those companies are defined as cleantech by their products or business models, rather than how they operate their business in a clean and sustainable way.  Obviously, companies that pursue this goal tend to produce new products that qualify as “cleantech” because of their environmentally superior performance.

The best practices that lead to cleantech results are developed and codified by many organizations, and there are several key organizations that bring best practices together to help their members and others.  The first step to cleantech is to learn who are the leaders in specific cleantech and sustainable practices.  You can find them in these networks:

The US EPA Pollution Prevention program is one of the leading global resources for cleantech solutions and best practices.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development is the global leader in this arena.   For several decades the WBSCD has developed tools and guides to help companies be more sustainable and they feature many cleantech innovations.  It is a very deep and useful organization.

The Global Environmental Management Initiative is a US-based organization of large multinational companies that has developed many practical tools for companies to become more sustainable, such as their excellent Sustainable Development Planner software tool, which is free to download.

The United Nations Environment Programme Sustainable Consumption & Production Branchcoordinates cleantech activities globally and offers many useful tools, particularly on product design.  The UNIDO Cleaner and Sustainable Production Unit promotes the adaptation and adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methods, technologies and systems by enterprises and other organizations in developing and transition countries.  The UN International Environmental Technology Center offers the Sustainability Assessment of Technologies framework for evaluating whether a specific technology is actually sustainable in practice (here is a good Overview of the SAT method).

These are some of the top global networks for cleantech practices.  Suggest more below!

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