Seattle Renewable Energy Meetup

In a fit of crazed generosity, I have volunteered to be the organizer (for now) of the Seattle Renewable Energy Meetup Group.  The group has been around for years, but the last organizer has moved on, and the Meetup company charges the organizer $75 to keep it going.  Well gee, I have received so much support in Seattle for the hydropower company I founded, Hydrovolts, that $75 is nothing in comparison.  It will be fun to stir things up with this new group and the timing could not be better, we are so excited our new Governor, Jay Inslee, is a huge advocate of renewable energy, see his great book, Apollo’s Fire.   We’ll try to enlist him and his administration’s new staff into the renewable energy Meetup community.  Please join if you live in Seattle and care about our energy future, and are a social critter.


About bhamner

I have worked in "clean tech" since 1991, and traveled around the world promoting clean manufacturing through industry assessments, management training, speaking and publishing, policy analysis and lots of factory visits. My main clients were the US Agency for International Development and the Asian Development Bank. I taught in the MBA programs for the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, and the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima. In 2005 I got interested in tidal power and won a consulting project to evaluate its potential in Puget Sound. That led me to found Hydrovolts Inc. in Seattle. I invented a radical new hydrokinetic turbine to make renewable energy from water currents. As CEO I led the company, raised money from investors and grew the staff to 11 people. We have won lots of recognition and awards. In October 2012 I stepped aside in favor of our COO who has much more manufacturing experience, which is what the company needs now. I'll continue to help the company as needed. My professional goal now is to find interesting opportunities and people to work with, where I can add a lot of value quickly. I am an expert in the markets, technologies and new potential for distributed micro- and small-hydropower generation. I have won numerous business pitch and plan contests and could help an early stage company with promotion, or an agency with outreach and training of entrepreneurs. I can provide sophisticated life cycle analysis to determine "how clean really is that clean tech?" Specialties Clean technologies assessment, business promotion, project design and management, corporate strategy, sustainability strategy, Total Quality Environmental Management, marine technologies, international development, management training
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